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Yahoola Creek Reservoir provides most of the City of Dahlonega's water supply. The Yahoola Creek water treatment plant was finish in the Spring of 2010. Itís capacity is 4 MGD microfiltration and can be expanded to 10 MGD with the addition of more filters.

The City of Milledgeville water and sewer mission is to produce and distribute potable water for domestic, commercial and industrial use and to collect, treat and dispose of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater.

The Peachtree City Water & Sewerage Authority (PCWASA) is a publicly owned utility charged with the collection and treatment of public, commercial, and industrial wastewater within the city of Peachtree City. The current sewer system infrastructure in Peachtree City consists of two wastewater treatment plants, 35 pump stations, approximately 78,000 linear feet (14.5 miles) of force main, and approximately 900,000 linear feet (171 miles) of gravity sewer.

LaFayette owns and operates a water treatment and distribution system that provides water service for about 16,000 customers and industry in LaFayette and south Walker County. The city also owns and operates a wastewater treatment and sewer collection system, providing sewerage service for about 7,200 customers and industry, primarily within the corporate city limits.

The City of Calhoun operates the only public water system in Gordon County. The system includes over 624 miles of distribution lines, located throughout Gordon County and onto the fringe areas of Pickens, Murray, Bartow and Floyd counties.

City of Dahlonega, Ga† ó† Yahoola Creek Reservoir WTP

City of LaFayette, Ga - Big Springs WTP High Service Pumping

City of Peachtree City, Ga -† WTP Radio Telementry† (54 Locations)

City of Milledgeville, Ga - WTP Radio Telementry Upgrade

City of Calhoun, Ga† - Mauldin Road Water Treatment Plant

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The City of Buford receives its water from Lake Sidney Lanier, located just north of Buford.  We also purchase a portion of our water from the Gwinnett County Water Plant.  Lake Lanier is very low in point source and urban runoff pollutants. In 1994, the plant was high rated to 2 million gallons per day.†

City of† Buford, Ga (Walker) -† Telemetry Upgrade